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Ett Nivåer Domkyrkan Brud Slöjor med Pennkant
Färg: Elfenbensvit
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Ett Nivåer Domkyrkan Brud Slöjor med Pennkant #3968


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Grundades 2007, är JJ's House den globala ledande återförsäljare för brudklänningar, speciella klänningar händelse, brudklänningar fest, Modeklänningar, och tillbehör. Kunderna kan surfa på stora online selection och välja sin favorit klänningar med stor tillfredsställelse.

Produktkod #3968 Kategori Domkyrkan Brud Slöjor
Tyg Tyll Slöja Tier Ett Nivåer
Slöja Form Släppa Slöja Kant Stil Pennkant
Visad Färg Elfenbensvit Tillgängliga Färg Vit, Elfenbensvit, Champagne
Faktiska Slöjlängd 129.92 in (330cm) Faktisk Veil Bredd 59.06 in (150cm)
Säsong Vår, Sommar, Höst, Vinter Hur man Bär Kam med Slöja, redo att bära
tips Stil & Färg representation kan variera beroende på skärm
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Loved my veil for my wedding! It was absolutely perfect! I am now purchasing a bridesmaid dress for one of my friends weddings :)


Love this veil! I will have to order another one because the white is to white for my dress but will be going with Ivory!!! But this will be the place to get it!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this veil! can not wait to walk down the isle in it! This company far exceeded my expectations and for that I THANK YOU!

I just received my veil yesterday super fast. Its really outstanding its beautiful, and fits my dress perfectly. Thank you so much, its a life saver.

Excellent work!!!
I purchased the wedding veil for my friend's wedding and she was delighted with it.

The price was unbelievable. You can't beat the quality or the price

beautiful, light, simple, yet elegant. My wedding is in September and I will be proudly wearing it.

it is really long, the veil is so great, under the veil, i seems so incredible and the quality seems not bad too, i asked many questions and your customer service staff were patient to answer my questions

I received this veil quite quickly. The color matches the dress perfectly and the comb is a plus. My daughter loved it and the price is amazing . Her big day is coming soon and she will look beautiful in this veil. Thanks!

Hi, I would very much like a veil on ivory, with beautifully beaded edge, 3 m long, and maybe 2 wide, with a comb, do you have anyone like that?