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Bride & Groom stil Top Vik Invitation Cards (Sats om 50)

Bride & Groom stil Top Vik Invitation Cards (Sats om 50) #31584

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Kr 289


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this Invitation Card is so nice!! like the design! the quality of the paper is so good!! feel better!! the delivery is also very fast!! received my order just a few days!! thannk you so much!! would like to recommend the website to all of my friends!!


beautiful invites several people have commented on them great value for money

These were more beautiful than I thought they would be! The writing on the front is gold and the design is a metallic gray/silver. It's so pretty and isn't noticeable in the pictures.

I wasn't sure about order my daughter wedding invitations online
But seeing them. I'm happy I did

I received my Wedding invitations on 10/19/16 & I love my Wedding invitations! They absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much JJ's House, u are the best!

OMG JJ house and team thank you thank you . I loved it .I am beyond happy .Its exactly like the picture and the texture and size simply perfect !!!!

These are so beautiful and classic. They have beautiful details

Great price... look just as they do in the advertisement.

The only issue is they smell like plastic ( since they come wrapped in plastic),.. I am just letting them air out for a few days and hopefully the smell goes away!

The shipping time is short and I appreciate it.

I have never seen such unique invitation cards. The colors can match each other well and the size is appropriate. They are of high quality and they are really worthy of the price. I am very happy.

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